Many local businesses are experiencing price hikes in operating their point of sale systems and paying “middle men” fees to merchant services providers online, or just paying increasing credit card swipe fees and other associated financial transaction costs. Few of these growing expenses stay in our community or contribute to the local “circulator effect” that creates a healthy local economy.

SIMBA, through the Live Local INW campaign, is looking to develop a partnership with Local Frequency, a digital cash exchange system that is designed to bring down business costs and free up resources for rewarding customers for shopping local with “Live Local Dollars.”

In this webinar presentation, we will hear directly from Tyler Ibrahim, the developer of the Local Dollars system. We will learn about how it works, what it takes to implement, and how it has been working in four different municipalities of various sizes to date.

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Can’t make it? Send a team member to delegate your business’s Live Local campaign involvement to. We look forward to dialoguing with you on this call.