Why Join the Spokane Independent Metro Business Alliance?

The purpose of SIMBA is to relentlessly promote and advocate for the interests of independent businesses while better connecting members with customers, resources, and each other. Your benefits as an SIMBA member include:

Increased Public Exposure = More Customers 

  • Presentation in our online member directory, newsletter and social media outlets, which engage thousands of local conscientious consumers each month who are looking for local businesses like yours.
  • Professionally-produced marketing materials to identify you as local, independent and a SIMBA member. These include window clings, “Why Buy Local?”posters, web badges and seasonal graphics.
  • Listing your business events and announcements on our website.
  • Quarterly spacial announcement in our e-newsletter, which has an audience of over 2,000 subscribers and growing.
  • Facebook, Instagram and Twitter postings of your choosing proportional to your membership level.

Events and Community Connections

  • Members can connect and enjoy the opportunity to share challenges and solutions with your peers through special networking events, members-only discussion groups and discount programs.
  • You can host an event to showcase your business and bring potential customers to it.
  • Time and again, our members show they prefer to do business with other SIMBA members. Connecting with like-minded business owners in your community and sharing best practices is a benefit for all.
  • Opportunities to participate in all SIMBA events in the community.


  • With webinars, roundtables, and special guest speakers, we support our member’s continued education on topics including inventory control, retaining quality employees, transition planning and turning customers into evangelists.
  • Our door is always open: businesses reach out to us about a problem they’re having, we can probably find someone who can help!

Influencing Public Policy

  • As an independent business, who has your back? We do. We’re an uncompromised voice for local independents. Any individual may not have a loud voice in city hall, but together combined with our experience and network of relationships, City Councils and our State Representatives pay attention if we bring a concern or idea to them.
  • Through meetings with our governor, state, and local leaders, we’ve influenced the issues that impact small business community such as our successful Social Purpose Corporation ordinance with the City of Spokane.