Join over 600 businesses by signing up your business and products. The sign-up page for our new Live Local campaign site is now up! You can register as a business through the links below to list your business, products, and services on our free online marketplace. Consumers (all of us) can sign up for our #livelocalinw newsletter to get the latest and greatest as it comes out! Click the links below to visit the Live Local INW website, sign up as a new business, or get our Live Local INW newsletter.

A Special THANK YOU to the Spokane City Council for Funding Live Local!

By funding the public launch of Live Local INW with City of Spokane CARES Act dollars, we will have a fighting chance as an independent business community to get through crises like COVID together – and come out stronger on the other side!

Since 2020 we have:

  • Launched a low-barrier online marketplace to provide e-commerce access to local businesses that have experienced a reduction in foot traffic due to the pandemic;
  • Encouraged consumers to discover local goods and services that can be bought safely and conveniently in our market;
  • Re-circulated hundreds of thousands of dollars in our local economy, funneling resources to local businesses;
  • Featured local member businesses at no cost to them in campaign media spots;
  • Supported the essential work that our neighborhood business districts do in creating centers of vital local commerce;
  • Created the “buy local” directory that consumers are demanding right now;
  • Provided free support and business consulting to businesses to both fully participate in the campaign and address unique business needs resulting from coronavirus market challenges; and
  • Built community and local business collective power!

Join us in thanking the Spokane City Council by sending a message to: