Jennifer Cumbie – Consumer Council Chair

Jennifer Slater is the Chair of our Consumer Council. When she’s not enjoying her day job in an innovative veterinary genetics lab, or at her family’s third-generation-owned small business here in Spokane, she loves being at the beach. Jenny lived in Spokane from the age of five until she moved to California to attend college. Upon graduation, she returned to Spokane to be near family. She has two daughters and loves dancing, hiking, swimming, and exploring nature in the Inland Northwest. Her favorite vegetable is artichoke. 

Nicole Winters – Membership Volunteer

Nicole is the Membership Volunteer for SIMBA. She grew up on the East Coast and moved to Spokane when she was in high school. She has two teenagers that help her find the humor in everything. She loves debating and researching cosmology, the sciences, politics, philosophy, theology, psychology, anthropology and many other ologies. Her favorite vegetable is spinach.

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