Emily Himmelright

Emily grew up in Spokane and recently returned after many years testing out other parts of Washington state. She has spent her professional life working for a variety of small and local businesses, and she believes passionately that they are the future of vibrant local economies. Emily saw first-hand the havoc of unrestricted development and growth in the Seattle area and wants to be a part of Spokane implementing smart growth — not to mention green, sustainable, and ethical. Emily, her husband and their kiddo spend most of their time either fixing up their 90 year-old house or playing in one of Spokane’s many amazing parks. Emily loves all fruits, but her favorite to cut up is pineapple. Her favorite veg is equally difficult to choose, although she’s always excited about fresh arugula.

Ryann Louie

Ryann was born to be a community builder. In a pursuit to change the world, they spent the last few years moving between three states and having more jobs than fingers, and has returned to the Lilac City to follow their passion to make Spokane an examplary city of sustainable and resilient living. On top of being a part of the commercial real estate industry, SIMBA, and the South Perry Business Neighborhood Association, their engagement in numerous community activities has been advantageous in broadening their perspective on life and inspiring ideas for the future. Ryann’s favorite vegetable is spinach because of Popeye and a fear of doctors has made apples their favorite fruit.