Author: Mariah McKay

Community-Owned Business: How Citizens Are Filling Local Needs Through Shared Vision and Investment

What Is a Community-Owned Business? Community-owned businesses (COBs) include a range of business types and structures that share the common feature of being financed and owned solely by local residents. Their formation often is sparked by major unmet needs locally where the prospect of those needs being filled profitably by an individual entrepreneur is minimal. While COBs provide much promise for urban neighborhoods, they’ve started most frequently in rural areas where large chain grocers or “superstores” some distance away have driven out small-town grocers or merchants and left residents with no place in town to buy necessities. Not surprisingly, a majority...

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National “Business Against Bigotry” Campaign Engages Small Businesses Locally

Contact: Jeff Milchen, Co-director, American Independent Business Alliance, 406-582-1255, “firstname” Chelsea Eddy, Engagement Coordinator, 406-582-1255, “firstname” BOZEMAN, MT – The American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) announces the launch of “Business Against Bigotry,” a campaign helping independent businesses thwart bigotry and discrimination in their communities. After hearing reports of local discrimination and intimidation from several of its 85 member Independent Business Alliances, AMIBA is enabling business owners to take a lead role in ensuring all people feel safe and welcome in local businesses and commercial areas. This week, AMIBA rolled out window decals declaring, “We Welcome Everybody/Diversity Strengthens Our Community,” along with...

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Money Leaves Your Community, Amazon Smiles

by Kristi Streiffert In our small mountain town of Durango, CO, the community search and rescue and the local outdoor gear shops share a life-saving, symbiotic relationship. The rescuers need outdoor gear to do their volunteer work, which the outdoor shops donate or provide equipment at a discounted rate. The shops also hold fundraising events and provide publicity. The folks who get rescued are often also customers of the outdoor shop, thus it’s a tight circle. So, imagine how a locally-owned independent business might feel when it sees this on social media: “Looking to support Search and Rescue? This...

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